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Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

Bilingual (Spanish) bicultural Psychologist, immediate openings, can practice in most states. Proven record, established in the greater Philadelphia region among Immigration Attorneys as a trusted and valuable referral. See Google reviews


Dr. Osorio offers psychological evaluations for individuals navigating waiver- and trauma-related immigration cases. Throughout her clinical experiences, she has worked with individuals with a history of trauma, domestic violence, and abuse. For over a decade, Dr. Osorio has provided psychological services to the immigrant population and understands their unique needs.

Dr. Osorio has experience as a forensic and correctional psychologist. She has worked with individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses, both in the community and state and federal prison settings. She conducts evaluations for No Risk Exception for Adam Walsh cases, Risk Assessments, Substance Abuse, etc.


Dr. Brauman is an experienced forensic psychologist with a fair and compassionate approach to evaluations. In coordination with attorneys and/or USCIS, Dr. Brauman conducts psychological evaluations to assist with a variety of immigration-related concerns, including Asylum, Extreme Hardship VAWA, U-Visa, T-visa, etc. She also assesses for competency to participate in immigration proceedings. She produces comprehensive written reports/affidavits of her findings and often provides expert testimony in the Courtroom.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

In my private practice, my focus is on trauma, abuse, domestic violence, and how this can impact self image and overall health. This means I can develop a clear evaluation that takes these issues into consideration and that will include clear information, explanations, and data on how trauma and health are interrelated.


Licensed as a psychotherapist since 2009, I recognize the importance of and believe strongly in reaching marginalized clients and offering culturally humble services. Throughout my career, I've provided case management and psychotherapy to many recent immigrants. This led me to become interested in using my expertise in clinical assessments and trauma-informed work to learn more about immigration law cases and receive specialized advanced training in immigration evaluations. I am passionate about making a greater impact on the immigrant community by providing brief interviews and writing an objective psychological immigration evaluation to aid in their case to remain in the United States.


My name is Dr. Sabina Mauro and I specialize in treating trauma survivors. I am a published author on two workbooks on topic of trauma/PTSD. I have been featured in various online platforms on topic of trauma/PTSD including OprahDaily and Psychcentral.
I am an immigrant myself which allows me to have a deeper understanding of the challenges immigrants face.


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