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Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

I specialize in psychological evaluations for immigration cases. These include extreme hardship waivers, cancellation of removal waivers, as well as asylum, VAWA, and U visa & T visa cases. My approach is to work closely with clients and their attorneys to provide a thorough evaluation process in a safe and welcoming environment. I offer thorough, professional evaluations and a quick turnaround time. My carefully detailed reports address the most important questions about your case.

Since 2016 I've completed over 500 immigration evaluations for clients from all over the world and worked with dozens of attorneys. I strive to provide services in a compassionate and empathetic environment, always assuring you the highest level of confidentiality.


As an experienced and trauma-certified clinician, I understand the complex ways in which mental health issues and trauma impacts a person’s emotional, social, and cognitive functioning. As a former lawyer with well-honed skills in investigation and interviewing, I am able to address and speak to the important legal aspects of your case.


Carol Gomez, LCSW served as the Clinical Director and Forensic Evaluator at the Program for Torture Victims in Los Angeles and Orange Counties from 2014 -2022 at which time she completed over 200 forensic assessments, hardship evaluations, U-visa, T-visa and VAWA for asylum seekers/torture survivors and survivors of domestic violence, sex and labor trafficking and other violent crimes. She is seasoned in providing expert witness testimony in court. Her 30+ years of work focuses on healing trauma and restoring safety, hope and building community centering the experiences of new immigrants, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folks.

She offers trauma responsive therapies, clinical and community coaching and supervision pursuing her passion for healing work to the fullest.

She is an avid birder, loves to cozy up with a good book, wishes she could be dancing West African rhythms everyday and sings with the Angel City Chorale, Heart of LA and the Inner City Youth Orchestra choir of LA.


Hi. I’m Ismary a bi-lingual licensed therapist who specializes in emotional and behavioral challenges. I have worked in a variety of settings with clients that experienced impactful life changing events causing them un-welcomed distress. My areas of specialty include emotional and behavioral challenges with individuals who are experiencing mood disorders such as but not limited to depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder in children, adolescents and adults. Moreover, providing parenting support, difficulty adjusting to new life situations, trauma, and gender identity.

I seek to create a non judgmental and supportive environment. My goal is to work closely with both the client and their attorney to provide a thorough and seamless evaluation process. Currently, I have evening and weekend available tele-health appointments.


I am a psychotherapist based in Austin, TX, with 10 years of experience working with survivors of trauma and abuse. Growing up in a family of immigrants, I intimately recognize the stress and emotional hurdles tied to navigating the immigration system. Having personally navigated the immigration process to become a permanent resident and then attain citizenship, I possess a unique understanding of the challenges involved. My services encompass culturally sensitive and objective psychological evaluations designed for immigration purposes, and I conduct interviews in both Spanish and English.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

My name is Nancy Munoz-Ruiz, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Kennewick, WA and I am the Co-owner of Resilience Therapy, LLC. I am a native Spanish speaker and have experience working with clients with a history of trauma and abuse. I have worked with the immigrant population and understand their unique needs.

We strive to create a compassionate and caring environment for clients. Our approach is to work closely with attorneys and their clients to provide a thorough and efficient evaluation process in a safe and welcoming environment.

We currently have morning and evening appointments and a quick turnaround time. We offer both telehealth and in-person appointments. Our fees are competitive, and we offer clients payment plans. You can learn more about me at


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