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Dr. Azzam has over a decade of experience in conducting evaluations in both English and Arabic.
These psychological evaluations and reports could be the components in your case that make the biggest difference, as they can add remarkable value to your immigration cases.
As a doctoral-level evaluator, Dr. Azzam offers more objective tests that test for malingering (in other words “faking”) that could strengthen your report further.
She has extensive pre-licensure experience under the training and supervision of a clinical psychologist who specializes in these evaluations as well. By the time she was licensed, she had already completed countless evaluations and reports, and has since completed hundreds more.
Dr. Azzam works with immigration lawyers throughout California and New York. She has worked extensively with clients from different cultures, ethnic and national backgrounds, and countries of origin; such as the Middle East, East Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

The evaluation is conducted by Ahmed Alif, a licensed clinical social worker in the State of New York. His research and practice focus on how policies and program related to immigration enforcement impact health and mental health of unauthorized immigrants and their families. He has several years of experience working with marginalized communities in New York, more specially with DACA recipients, mixed-status families where one member of the family is undocumented or unauthorized to remain in the United States, refugees and asylum seekers.Ahmed holds a B.S. degree in Applied Psychology from New York University and a M.S. degree in Social Work with a focus on health, mental health and disabilities from Columbia University.

Academic publications:
Social media IG: @capacitynyc

English, Bangla/Bengali and Hindi-Urdu

Languages using secondary assessor
African French (Hawa Niangado, LCSW)
Gujarati (on-site staff interpreter)


Ellen Kipnis has extensive experience working with couples and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. She completes evaluations with adults, children, and teens. She utilizes several types of standardized assessment tools during the evaluation process in addition to a full analysis and reporting of family history, education, employment, economic factors, family dynamics, physical, and mental health that contributes to the stressors experienced by the individual or family member(s).


Dr. George J. Ramos LMHC is a licensed mental health counselor practicing in New York City, Westchester County and throughout NY State. He has a proven track record in conducting immigration evaluations in New York through video-conferencing and previously in the home prior the pandemic. His expertise in mental health evaluations for immigration hardships include: extreme hardship waivers, violence against women acts (VAWA), U-Visas, T-Visas, Asylum Petitions, and cancellation of removal petitions. In light of COVID-19, Dr. Ramos is currently conducting immigration evaluations through video-conferencing.


I’m a licensed psychologist in both FL & NY and have been providing psychotherapy and evaluation services in English & Spanish for almost 10 years. I have specific experience working with immigrants and victims of domestic violence, as well as advanced training in providing psychological evaluations for immigration cases.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

The happiest moments in working with providing psychological immigration reports have been learning from immigration lawyers that the quality of my report and my experience played an intriguing part in winning their cases. Please read the reviews by going to my website.

I am a bilingual clinical social worker who has worked with all levels of trauma for over 27 years. As an immigrant and child of an immigrant from Colombia, I want to help another immigrant have the opportunity to live without fear and accomplish the dream of a better life.


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