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Hi! I am a licensed mental health counselor who has been practicing since 2015. I specialize in writing evaluations that are unique and tailored to each situation.

Discussing personal information with a complete stranger can be scary, embarrassing, and difficult. Personally, I can't image how fearful this entire process must be for anyone working with US immigration. To help support you during the evaluation process, I aspire to create a sense of safety and understanding by being patient, non-judgmental, and compassionate while discussing your experiences.

If you find yourself overcome with emotion and require a moment to breathe, I offer a break. If you feel the need to reschedule to another day, I will be considerate of your needs.

I desire to help support, encourage, and empower you during our journey together knowing you have completed your evaluation and are ready to proceed to the next step in your journey.

I am looking forward to meeting you!

LPCS, Registered Play Therapist

I grew up in Honduras and Nicaragua as a child of missionaries. Since I grew up in my non-passport country, I know what it is like to be a foreigner in another country and I have a heart for helping immigrants.
I am a native Spanish speaker (not book Spanish) who also understands the culture. This gives me the unique ability, in a licensed therapeutic setting, to assist attorneys in achieving positive outcomes for their clients.
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Registered Play Therapist. I run my own counseling office in Tyler, Texas. I am able to see anyone in Texas or Florida.

Ed.,D., LMFT
Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

I am a bilingual/bicultural therapist with more than two decades of experience providing support, family education, and counseling in culturally diverse settings with immigrant families, working through the adjustment and stress associated with displacement. My training as a graduate of the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma has prepared me to offer a unique lens to understand the complexity of immigration trauma. Further training at the Immigration Evaluation Institute equipped me to execute and write immigration evaluation reports accurately and professionally. I have a doctorate in leadership in higher education. I strive to offer a welcoming environment with hospitality and a sincere relational approach that is culturally attuned.


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