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My name is Lydia Wanjau, Licensed Marriage, and Family Therapist in California. I am an immigrant and speak Swahili and other native dialects. Coming to the US from Africa, I faced similar challenges to yours. For this reason, I can relate to your fears and unique needs. I worked through the system to become a productive citizen and so can you. I work with clients from different ethnic and national backgrounds. It takes courage to take the first step to your journey.
I’m certified a trauma therapist with more than 10 years of experience working with clients with a history of Trauma, Abuse . I have a diverse background in the field of Mental Health with experience treating anxiety, depression and relationship issues. I would love to have an opportunity to serve you.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

It is my pleasure to serve you. As an immigrant (originally from Kenya), I can identify with some of your struggles. As such I will approach our work together with understanding and empathy as you tell your story. The interview will be tailored to meet your specific needs as an individual, and the requirements of USCIS. I have experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, a skill that will render itself useful in our work together.

I am a licensed mental health professional with a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Spanish and a master’s degree in counseling education, both from McDaniel College in Maryland. I am currently a solo practitioner in Frederick, Maryland. I am licensed in the state of Maryland.


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