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Dr. Angie Vredeveld founded Immigration Psychology Services in 2014 and has provided thousands of immigration evaluations since that time. She is an expert in the field of psychological evaluations for immigration, providing high-quality, detailed and timely reports tailored for use by legal audiences. She is available to provide videoconference evaluations for clients in most US states.


My name is Veronica (Vyazovsky) Zamir, and I am a psychotherapist and clinical mental health counselor independently licensed in the states of IL (180008516) and Maryland (LC10439) and Texas (80573). I have practiced psychotherapy since obtaining my Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree in 2008 from Northeastern IL University. I have provided psychological evaluations and therapy for hundreds of individuals struggling with psychiatric disorders. I came to the USA as a refugee from the former Soviet Union at the age of 9.


Ellen Kipnis has extensive experience working with couples and families from diverse cultural backgrounds. She completes evaluations with adults, children, and teens. She utilizes several types of standardized assessment tools during the evaluation process in addition to a full analysis and reporting of family history, education, employment, economic factors, family dynamics, physical, and mental health that contributes to the stressors experienced by the individual or family member(s).


I am a trauma certified clinician having extensive experience working with immigrants and refugees. In addition to psychotherapy, I specialize in mental health evaluations for immigration purposes. I received training from Immigration Evaluation Institute. I work with immigration attorneys from all over the United States and have been conducting immigration evaluations since 2014. My goal is to provide my clients with comprehensive, accurate, and timely evaluations that meet all legal requirements. My clients appreciate my trauma-informed and culturally sensitive approach, which helps them through what can be a difficult process.


I am a licensed therapist in CA, FL, WA, NC, and CT with 13 years of experience. I specialize in Immigration Evaluations that can significantly enhance asylum or hardship waiver cases. I have extensive experience conducting psychosocial evaluations for immigration cases, specifically for Russian-speaking clients, as I am fluent in Russian. These evaluations can significantly strengthen asylum or hardship waiver applications. I work closely with immigration attorneys to assess the mental health impacts of separation or deportation, document the extreme hardship of a qualifying relative, and evaluate trauma and resilience.
A licensed mental health professional can offer an expert opinion on the individual's mental health and well-being, which can carry significant weight in the waiver application process. The evaluation can help document exceptional circumstances, such as a history of domestic violence, abuse, or other traumatic experiences.


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