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Yudelka Columna is an Afro-Latina, bilingual, immigrant, multi-awarded Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in helping children, adults, and families overcome the difficult aftermath of mental, physical, and emotional trauma, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and behavioral issues. Furthermore, specializes in doing Bilingual Mental Health Evaluations for Immigration cases.

Her vast experience in her field paved the way to multiple contracts with several local and national US Federal agencies, Universities, and other non-profit organizations. Yudelka's expertise lies in using an ethical, mindfulness-based, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive approach to help her clients. Yudelka received specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as utilize solution-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Problem-Solving, Integrative Health Care, etc. to treat patients with Post Stress Traumatic Disorder (PTSD).


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provide immigration evaluations in the states of Illinois, Texas, and Louisiana via video sessions. I provide services in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu. I conduct the following types of immigration evaluations: extreme hardship waivers, violence against women acts (VAWA), U-Visas, T-Visas, Asylum Petitions, and cancellation of removal petitions.

I have been providing mental health counseling since the last 10 years. I primarily work with trauma, mood disorders and adjustment disorders. As an immigrant, I want to support you in this journey as I have seen my family go through similar process. Waiting for your loved ones or unsure of your future can be stressful process. My goal is to provide exceptional service so you don't feel alone and can get the support you need to move through immigration process.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

As a mental health therapist, I intentionally immerse myself in a realm of profound human emotions and struggles because I feel it is my calling to do so. Every day, I strive to engage with individuals facing diverse psychological challenges and work hard to forge a compassionate connection rooted in empathy and trust. Through active listening and insightful questioning, I help clients unravel their thoughts, fears, and traumas. It is paramount that I provide a safe haven for them to express themselves without judgment, fostering an environment conducive to healing and growth.


My name is Anais Mendieta LCSW, LCAS with Mindful Journey. We specialize in providing comprehensive clinical evaluations for clients going through the immigration process. Our services are offered in English/Spanish and online or in person. Our practice focus on how policies and immigration enforcement impact health and mental health of unauthorized immigrants and their families. Mrs. Mendieta is an immigrant herself and has several years of experience working with marginalized communities in different states and with mixed-status families . Mrs. Mendieta holds a B.A. degree in Psychology and a Master in Social Work with certification in trauma.


Dr. Brauman is an experienced forensic psychologist with a fair and compassionate approach to evaluations. In coordination with attorneys and/or USCIS, Dr. Brauman conducts psychological evaluations to assist with a variety of immigration-related concerns, including Asylum, Extreme Hardship VAWA, U-Visa, T-visa, etc. She also assesses for competency to participate in immigration proceedings. She produces comprehensive written reports/affidavits of her findings and often provides expert testimony in the Courtroom.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

Raquel Ramirez is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), practicing in Nevada and Texas. Being bilingual in Spanish and English, Raquel has dedicated her 8+ year career to serving diverse communities, with a particular focus on immigration-related issues.
Raquel specializes in conducting detailed immigration evaluations to support individuals and families navigating the complex U.S. immigration system. Her expertise covers various types of immigration cases, including asylum applications, U-visa and T-visa petitions, VAWA petitions, and hardship waivers. Recognizing the profound impact of psychological assessments in these legal proceedings, Raquel offers compassionate and thorough evaluations that highlight the emotional and psychological challenges faced by her clients.


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