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As a licensed therapist in California and Texas, I specialize in providing comprehensive immigration psychological evaluations. With bilingual proficiency in English and Spanish, I offer culturally competent care that ensures clients feel understood and supported. My extensive experience as a trauma-informed therapist, working with diverse populations allows me to create tailored evaluations that address each client's unique circumstances. I understand the emotional and psychological challenges associated with the immigration process and am committed to providing thorough evaluations to support your legal process. My goal is to deliver detailed, accurate reports that reflect your individual story, making a difference in your immigration journey.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

I have 18+ years of working with immigrant individuals and their families. I have worked with families in their homes, schools, and in offices to gain a thorough understanding of their overall functioning and struggles. I offer services in English and Spanish and have professional training and certification in the field of perinatal mental health and those individuals dealing with pregnancy/postpartum obstacles. I have completed psychosocial assessments for the Department of Mental Health since I began practicing. Contact me for any questions!


Dr. Maryam Muhammad has more than 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field with concentrations in both mental health and addictions. Dr. Muhammad holds dual licensure as an LPCC-S, and LCADC-Supervisor with clinical interests and practice involving harm reduction, crisis intervention, assessment and evaluation, and treatment of acute psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, trauma and PTSD, and psychosis. Her area of expertise is the delivery of evidence-based, individual, group, and family interventions at various levels of care, as well conducting culturally grounded, assessments and evaluations with immigrants and bicultural/bilingual adolescents and adults. She is licensed in Kentucky and Maryland and offers both in person and virtual sessions.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

My name is Dinorah Escala. I am a mental health counselor licensed in Florida. I am originally from Panama and have had the fortune to live and experience the culture in multiple Central and South American countries. Before becoming a counselor, I worked as an Interpreter/Translator and a Risk Manager for the Panama Canal. Having collaborated through the years with individuals from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, I have the expertise and interest in working with immigrants to advance their dreams of becoming legal residents of the United States. As an immigrant myself, I am well aware of the many obstacles aspiring United States citizens endure in the pursuit of their dream. I work hard to ensure my immigration evaluations meet the highest standards in the industry and I treat all my clients with the respect and consideration they deserve. Currently, my only professional focus is on the preparation of comprehensive immigration evaluations for attorneys.

Graduate of the Immigration Evaluation Institute

Hello. I am a psychotherapist with over 17 years of experience. I conduct immigration evaluations in English/Spanish for clients in processes of asylum, vawa, hardship and u/tvisa, and have completed hundreds of reports over the years. My background includes trauma focused therapy with survivors of intimate partner violence and victims of crime.

As a trauma focused therapist, I particularly enjoy working with asylum seekers and supporting their unique needs. I am available as an expert witness. I look forward to meeting you and collaborating in the future.


Yudelka Columna is an Afro-Latina, bilingual, immigrant, multi-awarded Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 15 years of experience in helping children, adults, and families overcome the difficult aftermath of mental, physical, and emotional trauma, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and behavioral issues. Furthermore, specializes in doing Bilingual Mental Health Evaluations for Immigration cases.

Her vast experience in her field paved the way to multiple contracts with several local and national US Federal agencies, Universities, and other non-profit organizations. Yudelka's expertise lies in using an ethical, mindfulness-based, trauma-informed, culturally sensitive approach to help her clients. Yudelka received specialized training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), as well as utilize solution-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Problem-Solving, Integrative Health Care, etc. to treat patients with Post Stress Traumatic Disorder (PTSD).


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